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What's new in DF/Manager 1.2.0?

New features

The focus in version 1.2.0 has been on improving user experience in feed importing. Version 1.1.0 required a lot of manual input to get feeds into your database; setup the right CSV file format, determine how database keys where formatted, map CSV fields to DF/Manager fields, etc. A lot of this has been automated in 1.2.0.

Besides work on the core DF/Manager functionality, a new Networks plugin greatly reduces the amount of work to get feeds from selected affiliate networks into your site. At the time of launch the Networks plugin recognizes feeds from M4N, more networks will follow in the future. More about this later.

CSV file format detector

Automatically detect how your CSV files are formatted. Detects field separator, field enclosing character and file header.

Feed Key Format suggestion button

Determining a proper Key Format for your feeds is essential. A good Key Format contains the name or title of a product and some key / id information to make every key unique. The new Suggest Key button tries to determine which fields from your feed best fit the criteria.

Automatic field mapping

Another task that is both important and tedious. By mapping feed fields to DF/Manager database fields you determine how and what gets imported into your site. Two new functions help you perform this task faster and simpler: Auto map common fields and Auto map all fields.

Auto map common fields maps known DF/Manager fields like Buy url, Image url, Name, Description, etc. to your feed's fields.

Auto map all fields also maps all known DF/Manager fields. In addition all unknown fields are mapped to external fields. This makes them appear as additional specs in the product detail pages.

Networks plugin

This new plugin allows you to get feed metadata (url, network, file format, etc.) directly from the affiliate network. It displays a list of available feeds, you select which feed you need for your site and all settings are automatically saved in the DF/Manager database.

Network Importers

The Networks plugin connects to various affiliate networks, a connector for M4N is included in the 1.2 release.

Every network has 2 options: Feeds and Settings. The Settings button allows you to enter your network account information (username/password) and other fields as required by the network. This information is stored -- encrypted -- in the DF/Manager database. The Feeds button reads a list of available feeds from the network. Simply select the feeds you need and all settings -- like file format, feed url, merchant name, etc. -- are stored in the DF/Manager database.

Network Importers: M4N Connector settings screen


The Categories administration now allows you to move categories up or down the categories tree. In addition all categories can be sorted alphabetically at the push of a button.

User experience

A number of small fixes have been made to improve overall user experience of the administration pages:

  • Settings has been renamed Configuration
  • After editing feed-filters user is redirected to filters tab
  • Categories page has improved styling


The DF/Manager installer now provides more information during the process. The creation of database tables is more robust (table integrity is checked during installation).

Fixed errors & bugs

  • Fixed invalid link to category in bread crumbs link on category pages.
  • Fixed permissions on Reviews plugin's product page. Missing permissions resulted in 404 page when trying to add a review when not logged in.
  • Fixed link to product review from compilations grid (product_query_thumbs element).
  • The field mapping tab now displays a message when the feed is empty.

Other changes

  • Removed background stripes from body and background color from footer. Default background color is now plain white.
  • The CakePHP framework was updated to the latest 1.3.4 version.
  • The jQuery framework was updated to the latest 1.4.2 version.
  • The Merchant field in the feeds screen is now a required field.