Editing languages

Translations are stored in subfolders in /app/locale/. Each language is stored in its own subfolder. A default installation comes with English (en-US) and Dutch (nl-NL) translations. The folder structure looks like this:

  • app
    • locale
      • default.pot
      • en-US
        • LC_MESSAGES
          • default.po

To edit translation files you could use a simple text editor. But a better choise is the freeware tool POEdit. Open the default.po file of the language you want to edit and change withever text you want. Save the file. POEdit will automatically create the when saving the default.po file. Don't forget to upload both files back to your web server.

You may need to clear the DF/Manager cache before languages become active. Use the appropriate link in the DF/Manager dashboard.

Adding languages

Create a folder in /app/locale/ with a name matching the language you require. Language names must conform to the ISO 639-2 standard or be formatted like regional locales (en-US, en-GB, etc.). Copy both and default.po from en-US, edit default.po and your new language is ready to be used.

For more information on Internationalization and Localization using CakePHP see