Statistics plugin

The Statistics plugin (optional with the Base Package) helps you keep track of what's going on on your site. The main statistics screen shows product clicks, searches and reviews graphs of the past 30 days and 12 months.

Product clicks

Every time a visitor clicks on a product and is redirected to the merchant's site, a click is registered. The click graphs give insight in how well your site performs in terms of potential conversions. Clicking List displays the raw list of clicks. You can View or Delete individual clicks. By default only the IP-address of clicking visitors are logged. Using Resolve hosts finds the related host names with the stored IP-addresses. Use Purge all to remove all clicks from your database.


All searches on your site are logged. The graphs show the number of searches for the past 30 days and 12 months. Clicking the List button displays a list of searches aggregates by query. You can delete individual queries or Purge all to clean your database.


The reviews graphs (Reviews plugin required) show the number of reviews submitted to your site.  Click List to display all reviews. You can Edit, Delete or Approve reviews here.

Please bear in mind that the graphs are cached and do not reflect real-time changes to your site. The setting Click Charts Cache determines how long graphs are cached. The default is 15 minutes.