The settings allow you to finetune DF/Manager to your specific needs. You should review the settings carefully before publishing your site. Settings can be altered using the Configuration page in the admin panel.

  • Sitename
    The name of your site. Used (among others) to create page titles.
  • Language
    Language for your site. The language is specified with a language-REGION combination; 2 characters each coupled with a dash (e.g. en-US or nl-NL). The language code must comply to ISO639 and ISO3166 standards and the translations must be stored in a directory with the exact same name as the language code name (e.g. /app/locale/en-US). More information on and
  • Admin Language
    Language for your administrator pages. 
  • Reviews Allowed
    Set to 0 or 1 to determine if visitors can submit product reviews.
  • Reviews Require Approval
    Set to 0 or 1 to determine if reviews need to be approved before they become publicly visible. Setting this parameter to 0 means reviews are immediately visible after submission, which might attackt spammers. 
  • Reviews Notify Mail
    Set to 0 or 1 to determine if a mail is send to the webmaster (see below) when a new review needs approval.
  • Currency Sign
    The currency sign used on your site. The sign can be expressed as text (EUR, $), unicode-character (€) or html entity (€).
  • Num Related Products
    Number of related products to display on the product details page. Default: 3.
  • Product Jump Target
    Determines how product links behave. Set to a valid html target-attribute value ("_blank", "_top", "_self" or "_parent"). Default: "_blank".
  • Remember Login Time
    The time to remember a users credentials when they check Remember me in the login screen. The time value can be expressed in a strtotime() format. (ie. "1 hour", or "3 minutes"). Default: +1 month.
  • Google Webmaster Verification
    Your Google Webmaster verification key. Leave empty to disable Google Webmaster code.
  • Google Analytics Id
    Your Google Analytics ID. Leave empty to disable Google Analytics code.
  • Metatags Author
    The author meta-tag. Default:
  • Metatags Robots
    The robots meta-tag. To prevent Google and other search engines from finding your site, set to "noindex, nofollow". To allow all search engine full access, set to "all".
  • Metatags Keywords
    The keywords meta-tag. A list of keywords to describe the contents of your site. Separate keywords with commas.
  • Metatags Description
    The description meta-tag. A short text describing the contents of your site. Also see Metatags Product Description.
  • Metatags Product Description
    The description meta-tag for product pages. Use ":product" and ":site" to insert the current product and site name. Default: ":product, found for you on :site".
  • Metatags Category Description
    The description meta-tag for category pages. Use ":category" and ":site" to insert the current category and site name. Default: ":category, found for you on :site".
  • Webmaster Email
    The e-mail address of the webmaster. Review approval notifications get send to this account.
  • From Email
    The from e-mail account. Some mail servers require this to be a valid and existing address.
  • Import Disable Database Keys
    Set to 0 or 1 to determine if database keys are to be disabled during feed imports, which can dramatically improve performance as indexes don't need to be rebuild after every inserted record. Because indexes get disabled search functionality may suffer performance during this time.
  • Import Download Method
    CURL, WGET or PHP. Default: CURL.
    • CURL: recommended method (introduced in version 1.3.1), fast and flexible but requires cURL library.
    • WGET: fastest download method, but requires PHP to execute command line commands. Some systems disable this in the disable_function directive in php.ini. WGET does not work on Windows environments.
    • PHP: always works but is slow and memory intensive. Only use if above methods fail.
  • Minify Asset
    Set to 0 or 1 to determine if javascript and stylesheet files should be minified before serving to the client. It is recommended to set this to 1 in a production environment. Default: 0.
  • Search Min Relevance
    Specify the minimum relevance items should have when searching with a full-text index. A value of 0 returns all results. Default: 0.
  • Click Charts Cache
    The time click charts are cached. The time value can be expressed in a strtotime() format. (ie. "1 hour", or "3 minutes"). Default: +1 hour.
  • Cron Timeout
    Time after which cron-jobs will terminate (seconds). Default: 600 (10 minutes). 
  • Cron Mail When Done
    Set to 1 to receive a mail every time the cron ran. 
  • Logo Url
    URL for your main site logo. 
  • Upload new logo
    Upload function for main site logo. Recommended width (when using default template) is 950 pixels. 


DF/Manager is build using the CakePHP framework. CakePHP stores configuration settings in /app/config/core.php. In core.php you can find settings concerning caching, url rewriting (pretty urls), session management, etc. For a full description, please consult the CakePHP website: