Reviews plugin

The Reviews plugin allows visitors to submit product reviews and ratings. Reviews are an excellent way to get user generated content on your site, which will help you rank better in search engines. 

By default reviews need to be approved before they are visible on your site. The first tab in the administrator panel - called DF/Manager - shows the number of reviews and the number of reviews requiring approval. You can configure DF/Manager so that it will mail you whenever a new review is submitted. Please  check the Settings to see how to accomplish this.

Reviews can be Approved and Deleted directly from the list view. If required you can also Edit it before approval, for instance to remove links to irrelevant web sites.

Click the product's name to view that product on your web site:

The Review this product link + rating stars are only visible if you have installed and activated the Reviews plugin. Clicking the Review this product reloads the page with a review panel: