System requirements


DF/Manager has been designed to run on readily available LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) hosting environments. Most functionality is also available on Windows servers.

Required software:

  • Apache 2.x or higher
    • mod_rewrite required for pretty urls.
    • mod_headers required for caching directives.
  • PHP 5.2.x or higher
    • cURL library (php_curl) recommended (but not required) for downloading feeds.
    • Zip library (php_zip) is required to unzip compressed feeds. Uncompressed feed will function without it.
    • mcrypt library (php_mcrypt) is required for encrypted storage of settings (name/password for Networks plugin and others).
    • The Networks plugin requires the Soap library (php_soap) to connect to the TradeTracker network.
    • The Statistics plugin required GD2 support for rendering graphs, including FreeType for rendering text.
    • Recommended PHP memory limit is 128MB. DF/Manager will work with less memory, but importing large feeds may result in errors.
    • PHP 5.3 is supported, see troubleshooting.
  • MySQL 5.0.3 or higher (5.5+ recommended)

DF/Manager uses the CakePHP framework. The required version of CakePHP is supplied with the DF/Manager installer in a single download.

Please be advised that importing data feeds is a CPU and memory intensive task. Depending on the size of the feeds and performance of your server, imports can require long execution times. This can sometimes lead to problems, especially in shared hosting environments.


Web sites created with DF/Manager can be viewed in any of the larger recent browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Note: The administrator pages (which only you use and see) are a bit more picky and do not support IE7; use at least IE8 or one of the other browser brands.