The Products tab show all the products in your database. The first row in the list view allows you to filter the list of products by entering a filter string. The asterik (*) can be used as a wildcard character.
For instance, to show only products of a particular brand, type the brand name in the Brand column. To filter only brands starting with the letters ni, enter ni* as a filter.


The product detail screen shows the product as it has been imported from your datafeed. All fields are read-only. Below the imported data is a block displaying Rating, Clicks and Reviews. These fields display some statistics about user submitted reviews/ratings and product clicks.

Available Compilations are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Checking or unchecking compilations adds or deletes the product from that compilation.

The Save button saves the product's compilations.

The View product button opens the product in your site, displaying it as visitors will see it. 

The Delete button removes the product from the database. Please note that the product will be reinserted when the related feed is inserted.


Displays the product's image. Images are downloaded from the merchant's web site. Depending on the speed of their servers it may take some time for images to appear.


Displays the product's additional fields. See the Feeds and Fields chapters for more information about importing additional fields.