Networks plugin

The Networks plugin was added in v.1.2.0 for the M4N affiliate data feeds. This plugin greatly reduces the amount of work it takes to get feeds from selected affiliate networks into your database. DF/Manager 1.3.1 added a connector for the TradeTracker network.

Please note that data feeds can still be entered manually. The Networks plugin add a layer of automation on top of the data feed entry.

Select Networks from the main menu; a list of affiliate networks appears. Each affiliate network needs to be set up before use using the Settings screen. Depending on the network a number of parameter fields appear. Most networks require at least a user name and password. Enter the requested parameters and click Save

Note: data entered in these parameter fields is stored encrypted in the DF/Manager database.

M4N connector

The M4N connector requires 4 parameters in the Settings screen:

  • User name
    Enter your M4N account user name
  • Password
    Enter your M4N account password
  • M4N ID
    The M4N ID helps identify you. You can find your personal ID in your M4N account details
  • Hash ID
    The Hash ID is required when downloading feed files. The simplest way to find out what your Hash ID is, is by going to the M4N site, go to Product feeds and select a random feed. In the feed URL you will find a parameter called dhid. Your Hash ID is 4 characters and consists of digits and letters.

    Example: the feed url of is
    Find the dhid parameter, in this case its value is 12AB.

Save your settings and return to the list of affiliate networks. Click Feeds of the M4N network to open a list of available product data feeds related to your account. Click Save to save a data feed to your DF/Manager database. If a feed with the same name already exists you will be asked to overwrite. After saving you are redirected to the new feed's details page. From there you can import the actual products in the data feed.

Note: loading the list of feeds can take some time depending on your network speed and number of available feeds.

If you're unsure if a feed suits your needs, use Open to preview a feed. Depending on your computer settings this will open the feed in your browser or ask to save it to disk.

TradeTracker connector

The TradeTracker connector uses the web services available to TradeTracker clients. You need to enable web services for your account if you have done so before. The PHP Soap library needs to be installed on your web server for the TradeTracker connector.

TradeTracker requires a Customer ID and Passphrase to make connections to their network. Both settings can be found at

After entering your settings, choose Feeds. The plugin will display a list of registered sites you have at TradeTracker. Select the site you're working on and click OK.

Now a list of accepted feeds for the selected site is displayed. Click the Save button behind feeds to save the feed to your DF/Manager database. Alternatively you can use the Open button to view the raw feed.