Random product

This element shows a list or grid of randomly selected products. The number of products can be set with the limit parameter. The conditions parameter allows you to apply a filter to the random selection in the form of a SQL statement.

Please note: displaying random products can severely degrade performance. Use with care. 



Title text to display in title panel.


A SQL-compliant query. Use fully specified column names like Product.name of Product.price.

Available column names are:

  • Feed.currency_rate
  • Feed.merchant_image_url
  • Product.brand
  • Product.brand_key
  • Product.buy_url
  • Product.category
  • Product.category_key
  • Product.created
  • Product.description
  • Product.feed_id
  • Product.id
  • Product.image_url
  • Product.merchant
  • Product.merchant_key
  • Product.modified
  • Product.name
  • Product.price
  • Product.price_old
  • Product.rating
  • Product.reviews
  • Product.sub_category
  • Product.sub_category_key

Your query needs to be a valid SQL where clause. A good reference to get started with SQL is w3schools.com.


Enter the maximum number of products to display.


Select the template used to display the results.


When using the grid template: enter the number of grid columns.