Page elements

Page elements are small pieces of reusable functionality. Page elements can be placed in page regions. Multiple elements may be placed in one region and the same element may be placed on a page multiple times.

Element settings

Each element has a number of settings. When an element is placed on a page more than once, each placement has its own settings. Click the pencil-icon next to the element name to open the settings screen.

The Active, Show Header, Show Panel and Cache settings are share among all elements. That means, all elements have these settings, but they each have different values assigned to them.


Activate or deactivate the element. Deactivated elements are not visible to site visitors.

Show Header

If checked a header bar is displayed above the element. Most elements allow a title text in the header bar.

Show Panel

If checked a panel is displayed around the element.


Specify if and how the element should be cached. A value of 0 (zero) means no caching. Enabling caching greatly imporves the performance of your site. If you make changes to cached elements, you need to clear the DF/Manager cache before they become visible.