The Pages plugin allows you to create and alter pages without the need to edit a single line of html code. A default DF/Manager installation has a number of built-in pages. Built-in pages can be freely altered, but cannot be deleted. Pages are new to DF/Manager 1.5.

Creating a page

  • Go to the Pages plugin from the admin Dashboard.
  • Click the New Page button.
  • Enter a page name and click Save.

You now have a basic, empty page.

Altering a page

Open the page you want to edit.


Select the layout template for the page. Each template has a number of regions. You can add elements to a region in the Elements tab.


The permanent link to the page. A permalink is created when you create a new page. You can alter permalinks afterwards, but you should be aware that changing the permalink will result in a 404-error for the previous link. Built-in pages have fixed permalinks and cannot be changed.

It is recommended to use only lower-case letters and numbers and replace spaces and other strange characters with dashes (-).


The title of the page. This is visible to visitors in the title bar od their browser.


Comma separated list of keywords for the page.


Short description used for the description meta-tag. Google recommends no more than about 150 characters.

Adding / editing page elements

Go to the Elements tab

  • From the Add element listbox, select the element you want to add
  • From the region listbox, select the region in which the element should appear
  • Click the Add button

Use the info-icon to show the current settings for the element.
Use the pencil-icon to edit the settings for the element.
Use the bin-icon to remove the element from the page.
Drag-and-drop elements between regions to move them on your page. 

Read more about page elements.

Deleting a page

Click the bin-icon next to the page name to delete the page. Note that built-in pages cannot be deleted.