Home page

Customizing your home page requires some HTML and PHP knowledge. Don't worry if you've never seen or used HTML, I'll try to explain all as we go along.

First we need to copy the default home page, located at /app/views-default/pages/home.ctp and copy it to /app/views/pages/home.ctp where we can edit it.

Tip: you should never edit files in /app/views-default/pages/, but always copy them to /app/views/pages/. Unlike the views directory, the views-default directory gets overwritten when you update DF/Manager.

The default home page has a number of elements and some markup to make everything look good. Open up home.ctp file in a text editor and have a look. An example of what you should expect can be found here.

Now we have a home page with a number of elements, starting with echo $this->element(...). Check the chapter on elements for a detailed description what they do and how to use them. Upload your new home page to your web server and refresh the page in your browser. If you created feeds and imported products into your database you should see some random products appear.