Feed fields

The fields tab displays the fields in the current datafeed. On this tab you map datafeed fields to DF/Manager fields. The DF/Manager fields "Buy url", "Description", "Image url", "Name" and "Price" require to be mapped before importing; other fields are optional. After changing field mappings the feed needs to be imported again to implement them. If the feeds tabs does not show any fields you may need to download the feed first, or the feed may be in an invalid format.

Each datafeed field can be mapped in two ways: by selecting a built-in DF/Manager field or by typing the name of an additional field. A third column displays the first row of your datafeed as sample data.

Built-in fields

Built-in fields include Name, Image url, Buy url, Price, etc. These fields provide DF/Manager all the data needed to build product lists and details. Use Auto map common fields to map built-in fields automatically.

Additional fields

In addition to the built-in fields you may also type arbitrary fields names to import values for for instance Color, Stock, Delivery time, etc. Additional fields are displayed as Additional Specifications on the product detail pages. Use Auto map all fields to map both built-in fields and all additional fields.