Actions plugin

The Actions plugin is designed to make your visitors aware of a merchant's sales periods, vouchers, discounts, etc. Actions are shown on either the home page or on product detail pages (or both). Actions are related to feeds, and thus to merchants.

To create an Action, select a feed and enter an a name (for you own reference) and click Save. You can now content, start / end dates and location where the action is displayed.

The Content field accepts all HTML tags; this allows you to incorporate links and other markup in your Action.

The Action's Location determines where the Action is displayed., check either Home Page or Product Page or both. If multiple Actions are active at the same time and are to be displayed on the home page, they will rotate every 6 seconds (this time is adjustable). Actions will only be displayed on product pages of the related merchant.

Action will only display in the period between the start and end date and if they are set to Active. You might consider setting the start date a few days before the actual merchant's start. This way your visitors can see what actions they can expect in the near future.

List of actions

List of Actions. Inactive actions are grayed slightly.