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Key feature comparison

  DF/Manager Basic DF/Manager Pro
Import any1 CSV data feed file
Download, unzip and import feeds automatically
Easy and intuitive interface
Import filtering
Create your own custom, unique content (plugin)
Create your own category structure
Intuitive Page builder module, no HTML/CSS knowledge required
Automatic feed imports, triggered by cron-job2 or remote call
Multi-language support
Multi-currency support ($, €, £, etc.)
Automatic Google Sitemap generation
Extensive caching options
Multi-user backend
Built on industry proven frameworks: CakePHPjQueryBluePrint
Allow users to submit product reviews (plugin)
Create compilations (plugin)
Extensive click tracking and statistics (plugin)
Merchant Actions (plugin)
Networks (plugin)

1 CSV files need to be well-formed
2 Cron-jobs need to be manually configured in your hosting environment. 


What is it?

Data Feed Manager is a script that allows you to build compelling web sites from affiliate data feeds without the need of extensive technical knowledge. Data can be imported from almost any affiliate network, as long as they supply their data as CSV files. The CSV import module is very flexible; the import-filtering and -shaping options are among the best available today.

Building sites with Data Feed Manager requires minimal technical skills. If you know how to upload files to a web server using FTP, you're good to go. For a small fee we can even do the installation for you. The administrator pages of Data Feed Manager were built with flexibility and ease of use in mind. We use industry proven frameworks to ensure a stable and flexible application and a highly intuitive user interface.

Data Feed Manager is installed on your own web server, which can either be a shared hosting environment, virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server. See system requirements to check if your server meets the criteria.


Data Feed Manager comes 2 flavors: Basic and Pro.

  • The Basic Package contains all functionality to create an affiliate store fast and easy. It allows you to import unlimited datafeeds and products. The standard Categories plugin helps you create your own category structure. With the Users plugin you can give multiple people access to administer your web site.
  • The Pro Package has everything the Basic package has, but comes with ReviewsCompilations, ContentActions,Networks and Statistics plugins installed. This saves you an instant € 134.- compared to when you buy the plugins separate!

Core features

  • Import CSV files of any size (limited only by your server / hosting environment)
  • Download and unzip compressed feeds
  • Filter and shape data during import
  • Custom field mapping
  • Create and assign custom categories to imported products
  • Automatic imports through cron jobs
  • Easy 5-step installer
  • Custom content plugin allows you to easily write your own articles for increased SERP
  • Multi-user administrator pages
  • Multi-currency support ($, €, £, etc.)
  • Intuitive Page builder module; no HTML/CSS knowledge required to build high conversion sites
  • Link cloaking
  • Modern, SEO friendly web site
  • Overridable view templates
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration
  • Multi-language, currently supporting English and Dutch



  • Store merchant actions (sales, vouchers, etc.) to display them next to relevant products
  • Activate actions with start and end date / time


  • Create custom compilations (list) of products to show on your home page
  • Cache compilations for improved performance
  • Add custom texts before and/or after compilations to improve SEO ranking


  • Select feeds from supported network, save them in Data Feed Manager with a single click
  • Currently supports the M4N and TradeTracker affiliate networks
    The networks plugin makes it easier to get feeds from supported networks into your web site. Data Feed Manager supports feeds from any affiliate network as long as they supply CSV files. If your favorite network is not supported by the Networks plugin, don't worry! This only means you need to do some more copy/paste or type work to get your feeds running, that's all!


  • Allow user reviews with any product
  • Approve reviews before they become visible to others (configurable)
  • Edit reviews before approving them


  • Extensive click tracking statistics
  • Search statistics
  • Reviews statistics