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Update 1.5.4 released

After some rigourous testing, version 1.5.4 is now ready for production and can be downloaded today! 

Changes / fixes in this version:

- Fixed prices of similar products (stock) when selecting currency other than default
- Fixed price conversion in random-products and last-viewed-product elements

- Fixed layout of product reviews
- Fixed bug in merchants page
- Fixed bug in merchants rss feed
- Added stylesheet elements for product filter
- Fixed default values for product filter settings
- ** Category keys have changed. You should open and save all categories once!  (alternatively, open [yoursite]/admin/categories/resetKeys once)
- ** Category mapping has changed. You should open and save the Map categories page once!
- Page name + links in bread crumbs fixed
- Removed 404-page from page builder module; slowed sites down too much
- Added functionality to add brand descriptions
- Increased execution time-out when deleting feeds
- Fixed empty parent_id in category tree 
- Added jquery-ui.js to default templates
- Added new price filter using sliders to set min/max prices to display
- Added new brands filter with on/off checkboxes
- Added new merchants filter with on/off checkboxes
- Restored missing Product Query element in Pages module
- Caching the product filter is now supported (and recommended)
- Updates jQuery (javascript library) to the latest 1.7.1 version
- Removed pages Brands.view and Merchants.view. The same functionality is now available through the products page using the products filter
- Added check that product of to-be approved review exists
- Added check to limit length of search terms to 50 characters
- Fixed page title
- Added missing 2-sidebars layout file
- Fixed "Strip HTML Tags" import filter
- Fixed meta tags description and keywords on product pages
- Removed <p> tags from before_text and after_text fields of the compilations element. TinyMCE already adds these elements.
- Searches containing slashes (/) can now be removed using the admin pages

Please note: due to some required changes, you need to import _all_ feeds after updating to version 1.5.4