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Version 1.4.5 released

Version 1.4 fixes a number of issues and adds more powerful filtering options for browsing products on sites created with Data Feed Manager. It is recommended all users update to the latest version.

New features

  • Product filter options
    Visitors are now able to filter the list of products by category, brand, merchant and price. 
  • 'All products' page
    The pages categories, brands, and merchants all filter part of the product database. The new All products page displays a list of all products in the database. The new product filter (previous item) allows the user more flexibility when browsing DF/Manager sites.
  • 'Last viewed product' element
    The new element can be used to display the last viewed item on for instance the home page. Viewed items are stored for 1 year. 
  • Translations for the contact page
  • Additional fields for page-title and css-class in categories to aid SEO and custom template building

Fixed issues

  • Fixed translations of merchants, brands and categories page titles
  • Fixed jump target on text links
  • Fixed not being able to save configuration in some circumstances
  • 'Review this product' is no longer visible when ReviewsAllowed is false
  • Fixed lost password link in login screen
  • Fixed additional \n's in reviews
  • Help links now open in a new window
  • Fixed page title for landing pages
  • Fixed Compilations on landing pages
  • Running database updates on fresh installation doesn't throw exception anymore
  • Set CURL as default 'Import download method'


  • Products filter fixed for IE (Internet Explorer)


  • Better error handling for invalid line-breaks in CSV files
  • Added Auto download option to feeds, next to existing Auto update. Allows independent downloading and importing of feeds during cron runs


  • Fixed another product filter issue


  • Selecting a product category now displays products from the selected category  and all underlying categories. This prevents empty pages when 'main' categories  are not mapped


  • Fixed product filter option in admin pages