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Update 1.5.3

Version 1.5.3 fixes many small issues from previous releases. The version can be downloaded today!

Changed in this version:


  • Added Content clone function
  • Added Page clone function
  • Updated to CakePHP 1.3.13
  • Added option to display only part of the categories tree
  • Added default values for page element settings
  • Added non-cache message to product filter element
  • More robust error checking in TradeTracker connectors (Networks)
  • Interface improvements to Networks plugin
  • Added check for php_zip before handling compressed feeds
  • Added error message when feed file could not be opened when using ImportDownloadMethod=PHP 
  • Added CSS-class to page elements for custom styling
  • Fixed url-rewrite issue in tiny-mce editor
  • Added more descriptive titles to elements on a page
  • Fixed column widths in 2-columns template
  • Fixed column widths in 4-columns template
  • Fixed issue in Random Product element causing sporadic SQL error when the result set was smaller than the specified limit
  • Fixed SQL error in Random Product element when entering a limit other than 0 or empty
  • Added panels and title to rss-element
  • Fixed Product Filter element settings
  • Added Title to Content element
  • Fixed Undefined variable: subject message in Content element
  • Fixed Undefined variable: subject message in Contact Form element
  • Admin -> Pages -> View page button fixed
  • Added thumbnails to page templates
  • Added 'Product query' element