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Update 1.5.0 / 1.5.2

11-11-2011: it is time for a new DF/Manager. Version 1.5.2 is ready and can be downloaded now!


(You need to login before you can download any DF/Manager files)


The templates/views in 1.5.x have been extensively changed. If you created custom templates or changed anything in /app/views/ you are encouraged to test and update your templates before taking this new version into production.

New features

Pages module

With the new Pages module you can easily create pages from the admin dashboard. The module come with a number of layout templates (full-page, page w/ sidebar, 2-, 3- and 4-column pages, etc.) Where you previoulsy needed to get your hands dirty with html, css and php, you can now click and drag elements on and off your pages.

Content plugin

The Content plugin allows you to add the much needed custom content to your web site. Make Google love your site and write a unique, value adding article at least once a week.

Multiple currencies

A single site can now support feeds with each its own currency. Visitors can select the currency they would like to see and all prices are recalculated on the fly.

Compressed feeds

You can now have DF/Manager download en process compressed (ZIP) feeds.

Command line based cron jobs

The 'old' way to execute cron job in DF/Manager used a wget command. This is effect called a web page. In most cases this worked fine. But there was a risk of running into time-outs.

The new command line execution overcomes this. The cron is executed directly on the command line promp, bypassing the web server with all its time-out risks. This method may require a bit more configuration to get up and running.

Update notifcations

The admin dashboard now shows update notifications letting you know when to update DF/Manager.

Bugs fixed

  • Products now show up even when no categories are created and mapped
  • Reported number of inserted products now displays no. of processed feed rows and no. of actually imported records.

Miscellaneous changes

  • CakePHP updated to 1.3.10
  • Minor interface changes in the admin dashboard
  • Some minor undocumented bugs fixed

Fixed in 1.5.1

  • Installer causing Internal Server Error
  • TradeTracker network plugin
  • Redirect error after installing over previous version (1.4.6)
  • SQL error 1064 during install on MySQL < 5.0.3
  • RSS feeds for brands, categories and merchants
  • All products displaying when a specific category was selected

Fixed in 1.5.2

  • Removed "Your site is already installed" message