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Intermediate update: 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1 fixes some issues and adds a few new functions.

New features / improvements

  • A new download method has been added using cURL. This adds to the flexibility of DF/Manager and allows it to run on even more hosting environments.
  • Additional fields for Page title and Css class have been added to categories. Page title allows you to specify custom titles better suited for your SEO requirements. Css classes help when building custom templates.
  • Readability of Map categories page improved
  • The Suggest key routine now recognizes the order of fields, placing name/title first and product-id last.

Fixed bugs

  • The file format detection routine now detects (semi)colons as field separators correctly.
  • Passwords and usernames are no longer stored in UTF-8 format. Some databases complained about too long indexes. Storing them with Latin-1 encoding fixes the problem. 
  • The bread-crumb trail now displays the correct -mapped- category.