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DF/Manager 1.3.0 released

The latest release of DF/Manager, version number 1.3.0, has some nice improvements. The administrator pages have been redesigned to give a better user experience. Importing feeds is faster, especially on large databases and setting up cron jobs is simpler and more flexible.

It is recommended to freshly import all your feeds after updating.

New features

New administrator pages layout

The administrator pages have undergone a redesign. The design from version 1.2 has been farther implemented and refined to make the user experience even more pleasant and consistent.

Upload site logo

You can now upload your own site logo from the Configurations page. No more need to manually edit template files or upload logos using FTP. 

Upload merchants' logos

You can upload merchants' logos from the feed admin page. Logos are optionally scaled down a preset size.

Updater + schema_version check

After you update DF/Manager the application now checks if the database also needs updating. If an update is required this is clearly indicated in the administrator pages. 

Faster imports, faster retrieval

Feed imports are now much faster, especially when importing large numbers of products. The retrieval of products has also received a speed boost, sometimes resulting in 5~10x better performance.

New filters: greater than / less than

Using the feed import filters you can now use greater than / less than filters on numeric fields. Before this needed to be done using complex regular expression.

Contact form

DF/Manager already had a Contact page. This page now has an actual form which visitors can use to mail the webmaster. No extra tools or programming required.

Clear Cache function

A new Clear Cache function allows you to clear all cached content at the click of a button. This can be especially handy when testing Compilations or Category changes.

RESTful interface

The plumbing for a RESTful interface for much of DF/Manager has been put in place. This interface allows external tools to access parts of the site more easily. Future extensions for CMS applications like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and others can make use of the XML supplied by the RESTful interface.

Breaking changes

Unfortunately some changes are not compatible with previous versions of DF/Manager. If you're updating from DF/Manager 1.2 you should pay special attention to these point.

Links with Category keys

Due to a bug in links to category pages the actual links had to be changed. The links used to be formated like /c/123-Name-of-the-category. All dashes except the first have been replace with an underscore, resulting in this link: /c/123-Name_of_the_category. Even though the change is small, search engines might not recognize pages resulting in loss of page ranking. 

Products element template renamed from 'thumbs' to 'grid'.

A number of page and element templates have been merged into a limited and easy to maintain set of templates. If you have custom templates (views) in your /app/view/ directory you should check for any code 

'template' => 'thumbs'

and change it to

'template' => 'grid'

Misc changes

  • A-to-Z element now groups items starting with a digit under a 123 heading.
  • A language tag was added to the html opening tag.
  • 'Author' meta tag removed from configuration screen. The author tag is now automatically set to 'DF/Manager'.
  • Added numerous translations.
  • Paging counter text altered.
  • Added pages entries in robots.txt.
  • Robots.txt is now on by default.
  • The product table is now sorted by name after importing feeds. This speeds up product retrieval dramatically.
  • Configuration setting Import Disable Database Keys has been removed.
  • Tables are now locked during import for performance and integrity reasons.
  • CakePHP framework updated to 1.3.6.

Bug fixes

  • Page titles for brands and merchant pages has been fixed.
  • Admin language setting now functions correct.
  • Redirect after login now functions correct.
  • Changed feeds.imported date/time from 12 to 24 hour format to fix 12h delay in displayed time.
  • Fixed meta_tags component; robots tag was not rendered in some cases.
  • Added check for mod_headers in .htaccess.
  • Fixed google component; would not render in some cases.